The Stay Hungry Club

.Mar 19, 2021 .1 min read

The Stay Hungry Club

.Mar 19, 2021 .1 min read

Is Public Speaking Giving You The Blues?

Prepare and Practice

Feeling nervous about public speaking engagements is natural. However, you can curb this by making sure that you’re prepared. This includes making outlines, practicing your speech, and going over your notes before the final presentation.

Take Feedback into Account

An important part of public speaking is that you’re not presenting in a vacuum – you’re speaking to people. Make sure to take the audience’s feedback into account and adjust accordingly.

Don’t Read from a Script

Whether it’s an important presentation or a public speech, don’t make the mistake of reading from a script. While it’s important to prepare and have some notes to rely on, they should be short and should serve as reminders instead of a crutch.

Make Eye Contact

You may have heard this important tip everywhere, but it’s emphasized for a reason – eye contact helps you connect with the audience and makes audience members feel like you’re talking to them as individuals. To help with this, remember not to look at a single person for extended periods of time. Keep moving on to other people to engage the entire audience.

Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Another step you can take is to improve your public speaking skills as a whole – join the Stay Hungry Club for more speaking tips or contact me here for help with career coaching.

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